TSD tees in the Bad Afro webshop!!

It is now possible to buy Telstar Sound Drone T-shirts in the Bad Afro Webshop. 
For now, our two newest designs is available online, both male an girlies.
Bad Afro merch is also available, as well as all of the Bad Afro vinyl releases currently in stock.  

Copenhagen Psych Fest

We're playing at Copenhagen Psych Fest (April 24th-26th 2014)
Final date and time is not confirmed yet...


As some of you know, we have recorded two tracks for the danish record label Subsuburban
http://www.subsuburban.com/ ). We have been somewhat secretive about it, waiting for
everything to fall in place.
Now everything's ready. This will be a really cool release!
The tracks will be cut on a 10", 45rpm picturedisc, limited edition of 300 copies and feature
a lot of extra stuff!
As with the "Comedown" album, we recorded the tracks at our rehearsal space, an old WWII
air-raid shelter, then we mixed them at Black Tornado Studio with Dr. Hansen. Finally Lars 
Lundholm did the mastering.

For the first time we have hooked up with somebody outside the band for the artwork. 
It was done by Danish artist Anders Christian Eriksen. For a long time now we have wanted 
to work with Anders. You can check out some of his stuff here:

As for the extra stuff, the release will feature a piece of custom designed TSD blotter art 
(offset litho print with vegetable inks on chlorine free paper). The design for the blotter was 
also done by A.C.Eriksen.
Furthermore a zine about The recording process, the artwork and more will be included. 
It will be edited by the good people from Lapplandblog.
To make the release even more interesting it will also be packed with download codes to a
bunch of remixes done by artist affiliated with SSUB, as well as the original tracks!

The release is set for the spring of 2014!

Here's a teaser for the b-side:

Germany Tour 22nd-25th of January 2014

In 6 hours we'll head for Germany!

22.01. 2014 - Krefeld, Kulturrampe
23.01. 2014 - Nürnberg, K4
24.01. 2014 - Berlin, Jägerklause
25.01. 2014 - Cottbus, La Casa

Picked  these up a couple of hours ago...

Time for some voting stuff!

"Comedown" is nominated as album of the year at Psychorizon.
You can drop your vote here:

And something for the danes (or people who happen to be in Copenhagen the 31st
of January 2014)
Raahuset is hosting their 4 years birthday party and you decide who you want to see 
on stage... (poll's open untill 13th of January):

Poster for the Germany tour & mixing Subsuburban single at Black Tornado

The Dates are: 
21.01. 2014 - Hamburg, Molotov
22.01. 2014 - Krefeld, Kulturrampe
23.01. 2014 - Nürnberg, K4
24.01. 2014 - Berlin, Jägerklause
25.01. 2014 - Cottbus, La Casa
Also, this weekend we mixed the tracks for the Subsuburban single.
We did it at Black Tornado with Dr. Hansen, just as with the "Comedown" album.
The mixes sounds really good and we're really satisfied! Mastering with Lars Lundholm later this
More about the single and SSUB later... It's gonna be a pretty cool release!

First German tour!

We have hooked up with Berlin based Magnificent Music and are doing a small tour in January 2014.
Mark that calender!!

New Video - Now See How

Here's the new video for Now See How. Thanks to Malou & Christian for helping out with filming
some of this. Much appreciated!